Sunday, April 30, 2017

Design for Pope Paul VI Window

Blessed Paul VI

The descending Spirit

I have chosen location 12 for the Pope Paul VI window. This place of honor above the altar is located directly opposite the East entry and will be prominent for the viewer upon entry to the Baptistry.
The windows in location 12 & 13 were a pair and have different proportions from the rest of the cycle.
Panel in location 13

For this reason, I closely matched the proportions of the figure, border, and upper panel to the existing panel 13. The borders of these panels depict architectural ornamentation alternating in whites and deep gold.
Pope Paul VI rendering
Pope Paul VI leadline

The Figure of Paul VI

The main elements in the design:

  • Pope Paul VI is shown in a reserved and stately pose, with clasped hands.
  • He wears a rich red and white clothing. His outfit was sourced from many photographic references taken during his lifetime.
  • His crucifix and papal ring are prominent.
  • He gazes out to the viewer with formal dignity.
  • An inset medallion references the XVII Congresso Eucaristico Nazionale which took place in Pisa Giugno 1965

The lower panel and upper panels

The lower panel is dedicated to the Pope’s coat of arms. It fills the entire frame to match the treatment of the coat of arms in Panel 13.
In the original pair of windows in location 12 & 13 the upper panels presented the viewer two prominent circular elements which each had a white Pisan Cross with a gold architectural background.

Rather than replicating a white cross I have chosen to present a white dove with outstretched wings to compliment the cross shape in panel 13. This descending dove is deliberately reminiscent of the well-known Holy Spirit dove window in the Vatican. It is particularly well suited for the baptistry. The story of the dove appearing at Christ baptism by John will be alluded to. Window 12 is located directly behind baptismal font and above the head of the statue of St. John. The dove in this window will remind the viewer of the promise of the Spirit through the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

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