Sunday, April 30, 2017

Design for Giuseppe Toniolo Window

Blessed Guiseppe Toniolo

Father, Husband Teacher – Faith in Everyday Life

The first design I will offer is the panel showing Blessed Giuseppe Toniolo. I have selected location #9 for the placement of this panel. I have 2 reasons for this choice. The first is the light the window receives. This panel faces southwest and will receive very strong sun during the whole of the afternoon.  The figure of Toniolo wears 19th-century clothing which typically was dark in color. This combination will allow me to select strong dark colors of glass for this window that will better control the light.
Location of windows 9 & 10
Secondly, the committee stated that the Figure of San Ranieri would remain in its original location in Position 10. Placing Toniolo in Position 9 will keep the 2 Pisan saints together in the overall program of windows.

Tito Gordini, St. John the Evangelist
(Location 1)

I based the proportions of the figure, border, and canopy on the original window in location # 1. This panel is located directly opposite the gallery. The canopy above the figure relates to the stonework on the exterior of the baptistry particularly.
Toniolo rendering

Toniolo leadline

The Figure of Toniolo

I want my portrait of Toniolo to be recognizable. My image was adapted from his official portrait chosen by the “Comitato per la causa Beatifcazione.”

His right hand rests on a stack of documents, including the Rerun Novarum which influenced his philosophy. His left hand holds a scroll with the words Fede, Scienza, Obbedienza from his thoughts on Catholic Social Reform.

I visited Toniolo’s rooms which are now a museum in Pisa. Seeing his home and his personal belongings inspired these additional elements in the design:

  • His reading glasses are shown on his vest.
  • A devoted spouse, his wedding band is shown on his left hand. 
  • A small whistle that he used when playing with his children hangs around his neck. His fatherhood is further suggested by the 19th-century wooden toy on the floor.  
  • The leaves in the blue background behind the figure and graphic elements in the border are adapted from the wallpaper in his home.

The upper panel and lower panels

The upper panel shows the seal of the University of Pisa with the motto: “IN SUREMAE DIGNITATIS 1343”

The oak leaves and golden acorns are from his law degree which hangs in his home. They also symbolize wisdom and strength.

The ornamentation behind the pointed arch is a library shelf with the titles of the many written works attributed to Toniolo.

The medallion in the lower panel shows Toniolo with his students within the courtyard of the Palazzo della Sapienza at the University of Pisa where his classes were held.

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